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Student affairs policy at UFERSA works mainly through the Institutional Residence Program, whose objective is increasing the opportunities for students to remain at the university during graduation time. It is aimed at students who are in situation of social and economic vulnerability. They receive finantial support for food, transportation, housing, didactic and pedagogical activities, sports, academic and cultural activities.

Norms, the mumber of scholarships, and how much each of the program’s category offers to students can be read in the program’s public notices.

The Institutional Residence Program has the following categories:

Academic Residence Scholarship: to support students’ training together with teaching, research, outreach and culture activities.

Meals allowance: finantial aid for students who cannot pay for meals.

Housing aid: for students who live far from the campus facilities.

Book allowance: is a finantial aid for students to purchase didactic material, like books and other supplies.

Transportation allowance: aimed at students who need to pay for transportation going to the university.

Allowance for Students with Disabilities: is a finantial aid aimed at students with special needs.

Day-care aid: for students with legal dependets up to 5 years old.

Campus housing: is a temporary accomodation in the campus for undergratuate students whose family lives out of Mossoro. At the beginning of each term, the Social Programs Office (Coordenadoria de Programas Sociais) present public notice with all needed information for applicants.


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